In need of mining advice

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In need of mining advice

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I’ve tried to search for best practices related to mining BLX, but have found almost no advice. Most content relating to mining I found online relates of course to hardcore home-based setups built around ASIC miners, or industrial scale operations (the kind you have to fit into shipping containers), for blockchains like Ethereum or Bitcoin.

BLX doesn’t fit here because you’re supposed to mine it from just a desktop or laptop. I was hoping to get a thread start with tips and tricks on mining BLX, so all best practices are collated into a single place.

I’ll start:

-When mining from multiple laptops or desktops, I’ve found that you get more BLX when each is connected to different wallets, rather than trying to dedicate all their computing power to a single wallet. The difference may not be substantial, but it’s definitely noticeable.

-Unlike mining for other cryptocurrencies, which of course is crazy energy intensive, your hardware will generally not overheat. It does help to mine from a cool location, however, like a room in your home or office with air conditioning. I sometimes place my mining laptops right in front of an air conditioner or fan to cool down on the rare occasions I do sense it’s getting a little hot.

-This is an easy one to overlook: You need to override your laptop’s or desktop’s settings to make sure it doesn’t go into any kind of sleep or hibernation mode. This is because you want your BLX mining to basically run 24/7, save for any occasional breaks to deal with rare overheating issues mentioned above.

What are your tips for mining BLX?
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