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Forum rules
This BLOXForum was created and designed in the spirit of democracy. Stakeholders from across the BLX ecosystem are invited to participate and share their ideas on the blockchain’s development. Community members will not always agree - and indeed, for the benefit of BLX, there should be a diversity of viewpoints - but such discussion should always be done in good faith and with respect.

To ensure this ideal kind of environment, we have crafted the following guidelines to facilitate productive discussion.

-Please do not make your discussion board username any kind of obscenity in Filipino, English, or another language, or your BLX wallet’s public keys.

-Please treat everyone with respect. Do not insult, name call, or harass anyone on the board.

-Central to blockchain is the right of anonymity. Please do not publicly name or identify anyone on the board.

-Please do not share your private keys with anyone on the board. No stakeholder of BLX will ever reach out to you in order to ask for your private keys. If someone asks for your private keys, this is almost certainly a hacking or phishing attempt.

-Developing BLX into the best blockchain it can be will require discussion of best practices learned from other blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and tokens. This board, however, will not accept shilling or hard selling of other blockchains or digital coins.

-Unless directly relevant to BLX - as in cases of applications built atop the blockchain - please do not promote your business on this discussion board.

-If you are a member of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), you are welcome to share how you will vote or likely vote on a particular issue. You cannot, however, attempt to coerce or intimidate others into voting a particular way.

-Please do not solicit BLX or any other cryptocurrency via the discussion board.

Follow the rules, and you’ll be sure to have a great experience learning more about BLX, meeting others in the ecosystem, and growing with the world’s next blockchain.
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